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About Amtrak

Number of Employees: 19K+

Headquarters: 60 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20549

Amtrak is a National Rail operator that has over 21000 miles in 46 states. The company operates more than 300 trains per day and is the only high-speed passenger rail provider that operates at a full-speed. More than half of the trains operate at top speeds of over 100kph or even more. Amtrak provides travelers with a safe and reliable that mitigates the effect of high-fuel services and airline congestion. The Company aims to improve the financial performance and accountability by introducing new costs and measures that result into an increased revenue base for the country's economy.

What to Expect When Interviewing

The application is done online after which the applicant is contacted to confirm their interest in the testing session. After the testing session, the individual is contacted in order to set an interview if they pass the test. During the face to face, the panel usually tests on personality and the ease of connectivity which is gotten from the interaction. The employers are usually nice, however one should not get casual during the interview process.

Recent Awards

  • CIO Award Honoree, CIO Magazine 2012