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About Chuck E. Cheese's

Number of Employees: 10K+

Headquarters: 4441 W. Airport Frwy Irving, TX 75062

Chuck E. Cheese's the most well-known place _where a kid can be a kid_ has now been around for over thirty years. Started in the 1970_s and originally known as Showbiz Pizza, it was the first restaurant that integrated food and entertainment that was geared at small children. Offering pizza, arcade games, rides and the well-known ball pit and ski ball game it quickly become the all-time favorite for children of all ages. Chuck E. Cheese now has over 570 locations nationwide and offers the option of having birthday parties and get-togethers for parties of all sizes.

What to Expect When Interviewing

The majority of applicants applied online, but an immediate follow-up phone call will speed up the process. Less than half reported a positive experience, but all agreed on the process. You will be asked to answer questions concerning your ability to handle highly stressful situations, employee theft, and your interest in the company and the hospitality industry in general. Though the short interview is informal and takes place in the middle of a customer environment, you are advised not to wear jeans and to present a very outgoing attitude. Only a couple days between interview and response from company.

Recent Awards

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