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About Church's Chicken

Number of Employees: 13K+

Headquarters: 980 Hammond Drive Suite 1100 Atlanta, GA 30328

Founded in 1952, Church's fried chicken has expanded to 1,700 locations in 26 countries. The restaurant is the fourth largest chicken restaurant chain in the world. Initially, the restaurant only served chicken. In recent years, the menu has expanded to include Southern comfort food.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Applications are available to be filed in person or online. Previous applicants report the process is very easy, but also report a fairly negative experience. The negative reports deal primarily with the delay between application and interview, with an average wait of two to three weeks. The process is very straight forward. Following receipt of the application, an interview is set up. The interviewer typically asks questions that deal with the applicant's work history as well as their availability. It is not uncommon for individuals to receive an offer of employment immediately following the interview.

Recent Awards

This company has no recorded awards or accolades.